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Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes ASTM A335 Grade P9
A335/SA335 Seamless P9 pipe is often used in the oil and natural gas industry due to its high strength. P9’s great performance properties make it suitable for energy-related applications.

ASTM A335 Grade P9 Alloy Steel Pipe is made up of a chromium molybdenum alloy with 4% chromium in the composition. Steel India Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the SA335 Grade P9 Alloy Steel Pipe products in various forms and dimensions. The pipes are seamless in nature and the applications are in high temperature and high pressure services. The specification covers 1/8 inches through 24 inches nominal bore size pipes. These pipes have outer diameters ranging from 19.05 inches to 114.3mm in outer diameter.
Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes ASTM A312 Type 316 / 316L
Stainless Steel 316 Seamless Pipes are made from between 70 % to 90 % recycled materials are fully recyclable at the end of their lifecycles. Our dedicated teams are always easy to get in touch with, where we are here to support you all the way from materials selection to end use, helping you to get the best result possible from our Stainless Steel 316L Welded Pipes. The cold – rolled precision strips of heat – resistant Stainless Steel 316 EFW Pipes in widths are narrower for demanding technical applications. The demand requirements placed on Stainless Steel 316L ERW Pipes that we supply require us to have a close relationship with our customers and a deep understanding of their products. Everything we manufacture of Stainless Steel 316 Round Pipes is made to tightly defined tolerances in terms of tension strength, flatness, surface texture, and more. We offer services for Stainless Steel 316L Square Pipes including tailored grades, polishing, cut to length and eddy current testing. Because Stainless Steel 316 Rectangular Pipes is more resistant to corrosion, our products far outlast carbon steel alternatives. Solution annealing in Stainless Steel 316L Electropolish Pipes should be done after hot working.
Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes ASTM A312 Type 304 / 304L
The SS 304 alloy steel is used in the development of the pipe and tubes. However, the alloy is made up of chromium and nickel contents which are providing the pipes and tubes various properties. In addition to this, the SS 304L is the low carbon content than the 304 alloy steel. This is the way that it is good at having the intergranular corrosion resistance ability. In the same way, the SS 304H is the high-temperature application used alloy which is there with the high-temperature strength and the ability to work in the elevated temperatures.
StanClad ® ™
Clad plate can reduce equipment weight, fabrication time and material cost.
Clad plate combines the high mechanical properties of the backing and the high corrosion resistance of the cladding. Backing is supplied with Normalizing (N) or Quenching with Tempering (QT) heat treatment.
StanSteel ® ™
StanSteel is a category of steel used for various kind of construction projects and that is produced with a particular cross section or shape, and some specified values of strength and chemical composition.
Stanalloy ® ™
Stan Alloy are Nickel alloys with nickel as principal element. Complete solid solubility exists between nickel and copper.
Stan-Weather ® ™
Stan-Weather is high strength, low alloy weldable structural steel with exceptional weathering resistance.
Stanless ® ™
Stanless is a Stainless steel containing at least 10.5% chromium, less than 1.2% carbon and other alloying elements.
Stanmor ® ™
Steel that is Generations Ahead for Defence.
Armor and ballistic steel plate can be utilized in the manufacture of military vehicles, structural housings with high protection, armaments and other protective structures and varied military applications. All sold plates are Defence compliant and include full certification documentation, ballistic data, chemistry readings and physical properties where applicable to guarantee the integrity of the material.
Stanhard 400 ® ™
Stanhard is a heavy duty ultra-tough steel plate with hardened microstructure which is specially designed to withstand harsh and heavy earth moving applications. Its exceptional strength, toughness, weldability and fatigue resistance have won it several international endorsements making it the perfect steel for heavy earth moving equipment manufacturers; be it for exploration or for extraction.

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