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Armox 440T

Armox 440T

Armox 440T Blast protection plate. Armox® 440T combines excellent penetration and shock resistance. It offers vehicle designers new ways to increase protection using lighter weight designs.

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Armox 440T

They have a higher tensile strength and that is why they are used widely in the defense industry. However, they can also be used by the general public to ensure a protection. They are equipped with high sturdiness, hardness, and a number of other capabilities that make them a great product. They have properties such as having an excellent ballistic resistance and they can handle even the most crucial impacts of the improvised explosive devices also known as IED’s. They can handle high strengths of shock as well as the penetration that happens to them.

There are various chemical properties as well that are found in these products. They have included elements such as the manganese, phosphorus, and nickel that give them a greater weld ability due to which they can be welded with ease. They are also good at preventing the cracks that takes place due to the usage of these products in the elevated temperatures. They have other properties such as being highly malleable and ductile. They are also quenched and tempered which also accounts as one of its property. The heating and cooling ensures these plates to be fine grained that make them manage the stress. The products that we manufacture are following the international as well as national standards that makes them avidly usable in the industry. We also conduct several tests on our range of products as well.

Features : 

  •  Superior workshop properties
  •  Optimized solutions
  •  Perfect hardness/toughness balance, for combined penetration and blast protection
  •  Expertise in ballistic protection from SSAB

Armox 440T Application Industries : 

  •  Market-leading Steel Protection
  •  Superior workshop properties
  •  Optimized Solutions
  •  Perfect hardness/toughness balance, for combined penetration and blast protection
  •  Expertise in ballistic protection from SSAB

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