CNS Plasma / Waterjet Cutting

CNC plasma cutting refers to the cutting of metals using a plasma torch controlled from a computer. Plasma cutters operate by forcing a gas or compressed air at high speeds through a nozzle. Plasma cutters require a plasma gas and an assist gas to function, and they vary according to the material being cut.


CNC Plasma

Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Typical materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, although other conductive metals may be cut as well. Plasma cutting is often used in fabrication shops, automotive repair and restoration, industrial construction, and salvage and scrapping operations. Due to the high speed and precision cuts combined with low cost, plasma cutting sees widespread use from large-scale industrial CNC applications down to small hobbyist shops. Our flame cutting profiling service does not extend to cutting such materials as stainless steel. This is because flame cutting relies on the oxidation process whilst materials such as stainless, aluminium and copper form an oxide which makes the flame cutting of this material virtually impossible. Plasma arc cutting is one alternative that should be considered as a suitable cutting method. The process involves gas being passed through a narrow nozzle at high velocity which is connected to an electric current which creates an ionised plasma stream. This stream melts the metal whilst any molten material is blown away by the high velocity gas resulting in a cut edge.

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is often used during fabrication of machine parts. It is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods. Waterjet cutting is used in various industries, including mining and aerospace, for cutting, shaping, and reaming.

Waterjet metal cutting will either use a high pressure jet of water or a combination of water and an abrasive substance, typically granite, to cut a wide variety of materials. Water jets are used to cut soft materials like wood while an abrasive material is added when dealing with tough metals. Here are some of the advantages of using waterjet in industrial cutting.

High pressure cutting provides precision to Waterjet Cutting Services. A jet of water passes through a narrow channel making it a sharp tool for cutting. It finds its usage in industries like mining and aerospace. The designs and cuts are precise and it can work on any surface. High pressure water erodes the surface letting out the design. It is combined with advanced CNC methodology for precise design paths. We deploy the best machine for precise designs.


Our Plasma Cutting Services

Application: Carbon, Low & High Alloy Steels

Cutting Range: Up to 64mm (carbon), up to 50mm (stainless)

Cutting Area: 15000 x 3000

Clarico-Offer style 5

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